zennoposter tutorials (outlook creator template with download)

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Описание видео: In the last tutorial I promised to show you how to use logic and give you a few examples, how ever I decided instead of doing this I\'ll make a complete template with you using zennoposter 5. As always don\'t forget to subscribe and like if I helped you out! Feel free to download and use openly. How\'s it going? firstly I just wanted to apologize for the delayed upload. Had a few technical difficulty whilst rendering this video... I\'ve also had to split this video into 3 parts due to the video being to long to upload with ease, sorry guys. I\'ve also included the download link to the zennoposter template above. ~Thumper ☮... In this tutorial I make a complete outlook creator template and give you your first example of logic and how to use it to help keep your templates on the right track. Download ☛ bit.ly/10tXL9F Subscribe ☛ bit.ly/10DsUHe Part 2 ☛ bit.ly/1arO9gA Hey guys! Till next time guys stay safe!

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