ZennoPoster Tutorial - Change IP using ZennoPoster and HMA (Hide My Ass)

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Описание видео: Pro VPN.exe" 2. What you need to set in it is two things: 1. Put this code in second field of this block "-changeip"... Everything you need for this one to work is "Run program" action block which can be found under "Own code" actions section. That is all you need, but also dont forget to put some pause after this step because HMA VPN needs few seconds in order to change IP.... Set file path to your "HMA! Without quotes. In this tutorial im going to show you how to change IP address using zennoposter and HMA VPN (Hide My Ass).

Официальный источник видео youtube.com/watch?v=2q9TmhJ2Ssk именно от туда подгружается разрешенный автором к встраиванию контент и картинки. Авторские права полностью соблюдены!