Introduction of ZennoPoster | Zennoposter Tutorial

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Описание видео: ZennoPoster helps to save your time and money working in any field of SEO. Mail client : Mail management, search and analysis of relevant emails #zennoposteroverview #zennopostertutorial #zennoposterbeginnerguide #learnzennoposter... Web page analysis: Objects inspector, elements highlight, traffic analysis and more tools 6. All you need for your work in one software package. ZennoPoster software package allows to automate your work in browser. Features: 1. Own code :You can add your own C# code and class libraries 5. User Profiles: ZennoPoster allows to login as different person each time visiting a site 3. ZennoPoster is all-in-one solution for SEO. Human Emulation System: Actions on sites will look like they were performed by real person 2. You can create templates for your actions in web which you usually perform manually. Powerful proxychecker : Powerful proxychecker Effective and easy cofigurable proxychecker with the feature to search proxies automatically 4.

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