How To Find Great Expired Domains & Expiring Domains Using Register Compass - Domain For PBN & SEO

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Описание видео: Then you can copy/paste the domain to check if their matrix is up-to-date. The problem is most of time, the buy domain is really expensive, so sometimes I like to go for auction. My site: Register Compass is a powerful you can use to find expiring or expired domains. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE as there is more content to come. Sometimes you don\'t want to rely on the numbers provided, because sometimes it\'s not up-to-date, so I recommend you to get all the tools like Moz Link Explorer, or Majestic. I’ll see you soon in the next video. I hope you enjoyed the video. You can choose the auction type, so there are three different types here. After you log in, you can go to their pre-select list, so if you want to find a domain with more than 10 000 majestic links, you just choose that from there. That is it for Register Compass. Linkedin: So you can go to the auction domain list, it will show you all the domains which are under auction. Another one is offer so you can go to the page, then you can make an offer to the owner, you can negotiate on the offer, or you can go to auction, change the setting to public, and then you can go to each of the domain, and bid if you want. It is in this case, but sometimes it\'s not accurate, and also because sometimes they don\'t show you critical information like the Spam Score, or the link profile, so I still recommend you to go to those tools to check it so you can make sure the website is not spammy. Or you can go to Domain Search, then you can type in your criteria; maybe you want a domain with more than 30 Domain Authority, or one with more than 15 Trust Flow; and you want them to be indexed on Google, and you want domain, so you just type in anything you want, In the results, you can see there are 15 expiring domains, and also more than 800 auction domains. The first one is buy, it means you can go to the page, pay the price and get a domain immediately. I highly recommend you to get it. Get Register Compass Here Subscribe to my channel now Want to get more traffic and turn your following into your customers? Sign up for my free training here Join 30 days funnel building challenge here Get some of the best marketing books for free Dotcom Secrets Expert Secrets Copywriting Secrets Come see me here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Another thing you can do is change your criteria, so maybe you want to make sure there are a lot of domains linking to the domain; you can apply that criteria, for example, old domain with more than 300 linking domains, so you will be able to narrow down the search result. #Registercompass #Nicktsai... So in this video, I will show you how you can use it.

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